Cloud Applications & Accounting Services (CAAS)

Companies are choosing Incept’s cloud services to deliver a responsive IT and to innovate the way they work.

For many business owners, accounting can’t be further from being fun. Yet accounting is a vital function of any small business to manage their finances to ensure survival and long-term success. Understanding the necessity of accounting as much as its pain for small business owners, Incept has made accounting fun, something that it never really has been.

Cloud computing has proven a boon to businesses—especially small businesses, for which it hits a particularly sweet spot. With Incept’s cloud services, small businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or shrink-wrapped software. Plus, the “anywhere, anytime” availability of these solutions, means hassle-free collaboration among business partners and employees using the ubiquitous browser.

Cloud Collaboration

Secure Cloud Collaboration designed around your business

Your organization is only as good as the IT services that support it, and delivering exceptional service is vital to your success. You need the tools that give you visibility, control and automation regardless of where your services run: on-premises, in the cloud or both. Service management solutions from the Incept Cloud enable you to do just that.

Access, Backup and Collaboration brings the power of the cloud straight to your business. Its easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard enables you to access and share files with your team from any device, anywhere giving you the flexibility you need at a price you can afford.

Say Hello to Cloud Accounting

Incept gives you more ways to customize your cloud

While many small businesses were still using rudimentary accounting systems or even Excel spreadsheets, Incept knew the future was in the cloud. By giving small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers a way to do accounting online and from mobile, has revolutionized how they work.

A large part of Incept’s success has been its philosophy on product design. For many small business owners who dread balancing the accounts, Incept has simplified accounting. The Incept mobile app is increasingly becoming a cornerstone offering, with more customers, especially small businesses, wanting to do things like sending invoices, recording expenses or simply track their profit and loss statements.

Cloud Builder

Get a fully automated private cloud deployed in less than a week, not months

Organizations who are looking to work faster and with greater agility often look to a private cloud as a solution. Not only can a private cloud improve data security, but it can also make better use of your existing IT resources. Unless you’re using Platform as a Service (PaaS), you’re not getting the full value out of your private cloud implementation. Incept’s Cloud Builder Services removes the bottlenecks that result from manual setups of middleware provisioning. With full automation across infrastructure and middleware, now you can provision in just minutes, while vastly reducing IT workloads, errors and costs. That’s the power of an integrated cloud environment based on PaaS.

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