Training Management Group

The main task of our training management group is to maintain and improve the professional competency of employees by providing the necessary training solutions. The integrated activities that we carry out aim at choosing a training program that meets current company’s needs.

Training allows employees to study actively and right away use new knowledge in practice and on the recommendation of experts they can choose the direction of further development of their competencies.


We involve the best external trainers and consultants and effectively collaborate with the team of corporate experts who are experienced high level professionals. With our assistance, Incept employees regularly take part in the most interesting training courses, conferences, workshops and other events and get a chance not only to acquire new knowledge, but also share their experience, communicate with leading professionals and the most skillful experts in the field.

We believe that developing skills and abilities of each employee guarantees a stable development and performance improvement of the whole company.

Corporate Training

  • Organizes of training programs for new employees, taking into account company’s goals and specifics;
  • Contributes to employees’ professional growth according to the prerequisites of a new position;
  • Helps to develop of skills and abilities of company’s employees; contribution to general improvement of their professional level;
  • Holds training for work needs according to new directions of company activities;
  • Spreads new approaches to work and skills that are required for efficient work.

The main directions of the training process Incept organizes are:

  • Software Development;
  • Data Analysis;
  • Testing and Quality Control;
  • Project Management;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Managerial Skills and Leadership;
  • Professional Communication.


Incept places great importance on the development and retention of all staff, which is achieved through actively valuing our staff and supporting them to achieve their full potential through training and work opportunities. We have also developed a wide range of employee recognition and retention initiatives and an excellent package of staff benefits. These include:

Corporate Trainings
Corporate Trainings
Our employees not only have a chance to participate in interesting trainings given by internal and external experts, but also to order a course, workshop, webinar or master-class they are interested in.
Certification Center
Certification Center
Take an exam from international certification vendors and receive certifications from Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, etc.
We offer gym membership to let our employees be active and fit.
Relocation Program
Relocation Program
Quite often our employees work at the client sites. We collaborate to provide relocation assistance
Expert Groups
Expert Groups
Incept supports professional and personal development of its employees. For this reason we create favorable conditions for the development of TECHNICAL EXPERT GROUPS.
Birthday Gifts
Birthday Gifts
Everyone here at Incept receives a present on his/her Birthday.
Green Office
Green Office
We gather plastic garbage for recycling in our company office.
Flexible Working Hours
Flexible Working Hours
Incept gives a chance to manage your time, working flexible hours.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
We do not rest on our heels and are going to develop more benefits, which would bring even more conveniences into lives of our employees.

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