Data Governance

Collibra’s Data Governance Center is a business-facing Data Governance Solution. It enables business and IT to work together to ensure trusted data in the hands of the business and it supports the process of data management through a web-based, collaborative Data Governance platform.

It covers all key Data Governance functions for Business and IT:

  • The core business meaning (business and data definitions, critical attributes, KPI’s, metrics)
  • Coordinated control around your key reference data.
  • Practical management of data stewards and their more advanced assets: Policy Management, Business Rules, Data Quality issues, Data Sharing Agreements, Data Steward Support, configurable as well as out of the box workflows

At Incept, with our broad experience of Data Governance and Master Data Governance processes, we help organizations in operationalizing Data Governance, defining clear metrics to monitor the status of their Enterprise Data Management (EDM) program and aligning Data Governance with Collibra.

Our Offerings

Data Governance Health Check

This service is targeted at organizations with immature /newly developed data governance programs. Our consultants engage with both the business and IT stakeholders and conduct a series of interviews followed by workshops to gauge a full understanding of the areas of data governance that need to be grown and in the most business effective and financially viable manner. Once we have identified the process, we can implement macro and micro changes so the organizations can continue to enjoy the benefits of their data.

  • Articulation of business problem
  • Prioritization of data domain(s) and critical data elements
  • RACI matrix for critical data elements
  • Identification of executive sponsors
  • Data governance council
  • Data governance charter
  • 90-day data governance roadmap

Data Governance Assessment

This service is aimed at organizations with mature data governance programs already in place. Our consultants engage with the relevant business stakeholders; including those that are further along in the hierarchy not necessarily end users but those who at a senior management level have input in any company data programs and must be aware of changes. We take a detailed and holistic overview when it comes to data programs that have been in place for many years.

  • Articulation of business problem
  • Prioritization of data domain(s) and critical data elements
  • RACI matrix for critical data elements
  • Data Governance policies
  • Business Glossary with taxonomy and definitions for business terms
  • Data Quality metrics
  • Reference datasets and mappings across systems
  • 2-3 year data governance roadmap

Collibra implementation

This service is aimed at the organizations who wants to implement Collibra as their Data Governance Solution to address their data governance needs. While there are a lot of best practice methodologies, every data governance implementation remains unique. With Collibra, you can implement your own data governance operating model which ensures adoption by delivering a consumer-like, business-focused web application, extensive data publication and consumption options, along with productivity tool integration like email and MS Word and Excel.

  • Installation of Collibra Data Governance Center
  • Structured and process-oriented data management strategy with Collibra’s Data Stewardship Manager
  • Identification and prioritization of critical data assets with Collibra’s Business Semantics Glossary
  • Collibra’s Reference Data Accelerator
  • Collibra Web Interface using REST API over HTTP(s)
  • Web Application Components (JAVA API, REST API, Snapshots, Query API, BPMN 2.0 Workflow Engine, Data Quality Connector)
  • Product Architecture, User Management, Metamodel Configuration
  • Managing, Developing and Customizing the Workflows
  • License Management, Backup and Restore

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