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In today’s digital world where data lives everywhere, data catalogs are an invaluable asset in your information architecture. Data catalogs help every member of your data community discover and use the best data and analytics resources for their projects, achieve faster results, and make better decisions. They also illuminate tribal knowledge and spur collaboration, both of which are key elements of Collective Data Empowerment. Catalogs are an essential foundation for building your data-driven culture.

As you begin evaluating data catalogs, you’ll find a wide variety of solutions that resemble a data catalog but do not fulfill common requirements. We’ll help you choose a catalog that meets all of your needs, addresses all of the interests, and fits your environment and culture. We understand that usability is a paramount consideration with the variety of users and the broad spectrum of data and technical skills. Carefully and systematically evaluating data catalog tools is a good investment of time. The data catalog will be with you for a long time, will affect many stakeholders, and will shape the maturity of your data management practices.

Cataloging Data

Alation: Machine learning to enable human learning.

Alation is the first data catalog built for collaboration. With collaboration, analysts are empowered to search, query and collaborate on their data to achieve faster, more accurate insights. Alation automatically captures the rich context of enterprise data, including what the data describes, who has used it, and the fit between the data and different types of analysis. Alation’s catalog is generated and updated using machine learning and improved through human collaboration between analysts, stewards, experts and business users.
Using the combination of machine learning and crowdsourcing from experts identified by their usage of tables, Alation centralizes the knowledge on data and ensures it’s always up-to-date.

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Incept has helped several clients to increase data utilization with a data catalog, particularly by defining the company-specific requirements, selecting and adapting tools, and adjusting data governance structures. Our consultants, unrivaled in their talent, have deep domain expertise across the full data stack. They are force multipliers for our world-class clients, and have the deep domain expertise across the full data stack to help solve your challenges in weeks, not years. Our client engagements start with an initial assessment and blueprint. After that we deliver a data and analytics strategy and delivery roadmap.

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