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Why do Veterans make good employees?

Nearly 250,000 men and women are making the transition from military to civilian life every single year. The character that they possess, the traits, the skills that they learned in the military are directly transferable to civilian life.

The military stands the five branches on a set of core values and these are words like courage and integrity and service before self. These words are the pivotal point in a veteran’s life. This

is how they live their lives in the military, how they live their lives post-military. They live by a code, live by honor and live by integrity.

Veterans have a sense of service and they have these wonderful intrinsic values that make them ideal employees. Businesses are better because Veterans come to work for them.

Here are the four primary reasons as to why you should move these heroes to the top of your hiring list:

Teamwork  – Veterans bring a natural sense of teamwork and selflessness to the workplace that doesn’t so naturally exist in the business environment sometimes and when the rest of your employees see their dedication to we make it or we don’t as a team, that can be inspirational. That can drive that teamwork mindset that a lot of corporations could use to improve on.

Integrity – Doing what’s right. Doing the right thing all the time even when no one is looking. This happens every single minute of every day in the military because these people’s lives and lives of others depend on it so it’s totally applicable to the private sector. When you hire a veteran, you’ll get a moral compass that does not deviate.

Consistent Learning – Their ability to learn quickly and a bias toward the action of getting things done. Veterans know how to make stuff happen. Doesn’t matter what you ask them to do, they’re going to make it happen. It might be a challenge to some hiring leaders when trying to help a veteran define what they want to do because they been trained to basically say we can do anything and so. Give them a task and they’ll get it done!

Leadership – It’s a way to convince others to do things that they don’t think they can do. They learn that in the military. It applies to the private sector.

What’s in it for Businesses and Organizations to hire U.S. Military Veterans?

A CV survey of over 1 million fortune 500 employees showed that vets are more productive and more likely to be retained. Veterans bring a different culture to an organization that no other workforce could do.

Veterans do great for companies all across the economy – from large companies like Verizon and Starbucks to small technology-focused startups they’re making contributions every day in every way at these firms.

It makes wonderful business sense for employers to hire Veterans from a number of different ways. All of those wonderful things that they’ve learned in the military gets translated to the workplace. But as well, Veterans have a wonderful toolbox of benefits that are available to them, and to their employers, to be even better employees.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides educational and training opportunities for folks. For our wounded warriors and disabled Veterans, there are programs that accommodate them as well, such that employers may not even have to pay for any of those accommodations. There are situations where employers have a training requirement and their benefits–the Veterans’ benefits–can pay for those.

There are also things like tax credits for hiring certain kinds of Veterans. And so when you have a backdrop of those kinds of things that are available to Veterans and employers, they make ideal employees.

So when an employer hires a Veteran, they have very little skin in the game because there is help available with all of those other pieces – training expenses, accommodations, and much more. The leadership of companies are really happy when they hire veterans because they realize they’re getting the total package. They don’t have to hunt all around to find someone who’s dedicated and find another person who’s adaptive and find another one who’s got a great work debt they get the total package in a veteran and hiring veterans is smart business.

Veterans bring a whole host of intangible and tangible skills to the workforce –  Leadership working under pressure, intense work ethics, create a problem-solving- it’s a no brainer to hire a vet. Across the board, Veterans are wonderful investments for the future.

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