In Ace your Skype Interview: Rhea Narang

Let me help you nail skype interview. 


  1. DO NOT  forget to dress professionally/ work casual it makes a good impression. 
  2. Make sure the audio and camera are set and ready to go to avoid any interruptions during the interview. 
  3. Set the camera angle to make sure you are not looking down at it, or it is not under you. 
  4. Make sure the lighting in your room is just perfect, not too light, not too dark. 
  5. Make sure the background is nice and clean, set up your laptop or computer in front of a plain wall if possible.
  6. Have a copy of any paperwork you might think you need, a resume or anything else relevant. 
  7. Having cheat sheets or extra notes to look off of is very helpful, so make sure you have some of those. 
  8. Make sure you turn off your phone or anything else that can ring and cause a distraction.
  9. Make sure all pets, kids, and other people are all out of the room to make sure it is quiet and to have no distractions.
  10. Always have paper and something to write with in case something important is said, or you want to take some notes. 
  11. Close all tabs on your computer or laptop; this would help from stopping your device from slowing down or glitching. 
  12. Remember, body position is an essential key in a good first impression and shows how much you seem to care about the job. 
  13. Don’t talk into the screen but direct your voice into the camera. 
  14. Don’t get too nervous that can lead to error. 
  15.  Practice makes perfect!! Practice what you are going to say until you feel confident.
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