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  1. Be sure to complete your entire profile. Completed profiles are usually favored compared to ones that are not.
  2. Having a profile picture is critical. Profiles with photos get more views. Smile, it makes you more approachable.
  3. Be sure all your dates on your profile are accurate. Dates that are not accurate do not look good.
  4. It’s ok if you did not attend university, just put the name of the school you last attended.
  5. Keep your current status up to date. You don’t want things that are not accurate on your profile.
  6. Have at least 50 connections, but make sure they are people you know. You can get restricted on LinkedIn for too many rejected requests.
  7. Highlight your accomplishments on your profile. Highlight what you are capable of doing.
  8. Make sure everything you post matches what your resume says. If something does not line up, recruiters will notice.
  9. Have at least five skills listed on your profile; this increases your chances of a recruiter viewing your profile.
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