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Data Governance Starter Pack

Data Governance Starter Pack delivers the small-scale governance in an agile fashion, enabling management in just weeks.

Key Features Of The Starter Pack:

  • Install & configure Informatica Suite, including Enterprise Data Catalog, Informatica Axon, and Informatica Data Quality
  • Onboard business metadata and technical metadata and enable governance in a short time by the data enrichment process
  • Populate Axon inventories consisting of Org Units, People, Systems, Data Sets, Glossary, DQ rules, and Scorecards
  • Configure workflows and integrate Axon with EDC and IDQ
  • Implement automated data discovery, data validation, and quality metrics for governance by establishing a connection to resources and availability of technology assets

Why The Starter Pack:

  • Create and standardize the business terms, definitions, classifications, lineage, processes, and policies by stitching business metadata with technical metadata in less than four weeks
  • Determine the business objective, identify pain points, and build a data governance roadmap according to its operating model and maturity level
  • Formally replace paper governance with information governance, across the organization, in less than three months
  • Increase the ability of the non-technical business users to understand and access the data by enabling stewardship

The Value Created For Clients:

  • Significant reduction in cost by implementation and reusability of resources and adoption of enterprise data standards
  • Streamlined and quicker onboarding of multiple LOBs
  • Synced metamodel and organizational structure, enabling the employees to assure stakeholder roles based on the RACI model
  • Seamless management of change requests, committees, policy & process.

Effective Governance

Data issues undermine trust and costs organizations millions every year. Our consultants will help you understand and manage your Data, prioritize issues before they can do any real damage.

We’ll introduce a set of processes that ensures that important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise. We’ll ensures that your data can be trusted, and train your people for any adverse event that happens because of low data quality. It is about putting people in charge of fixing and preventing issues with data so that you can become more efficient.

We’ll help you implement Informatica Axon and make sure that you are proactive rather than reactive towards regulatory requirements including BCBS239, CCAR, DFS 504, GDPR, HIPAA, MiFID II, PRA110 and PTC.

Incept’s Data Governance practice provides a structured, holistic approach that delivers offerings and assets to support our clients in managing their Data Governance needs.


  • What is your Data Governance strategy?
  • How do you define the owner of the data?
  • What is your data-cleaning process and criteria for data validation, correctness, and completeness?
  • Are there any industry or regulatory requirements?
  • What are the data access policies for your organization?
  • Are there any business rules and policies to be governed?

How can Incept help you?

  • MetaModel Design and Strategy: Defining, communicating, and driving execution of Data Governance Strategy and MetaModel Design
  • Policy: Setting and enforcing policies related to data and Metadata management
  • Data Asset Valuation: Setting standards and processes to consistently define the business value of data
  • Data Quality: Setting and enforcing Data Quality standards
  • Metadata Management:  We make sourcing and managing metadata painless so users get a clear view into technical and business processes
  • Compliance: Ensuring the organization can meet data-related regulatory compliance requirements
  • Issue management: Identifying, defining, escalating, and resolving issues related to data security, data access, regulatory compliance, data ownership, policy, standards, terminology, or data governance procedures

Benefits of Integrated Solution

  • Artificial-Intelligence-Assisted Discovery and Cataloging
  • Fully Integrated Solution to Power Collaboration Between Business and IT Leaders
  • Business and Technical Lineage Automation
  • Enhance value by enabling collaboration and crowdsourcing across data stores
  • Reduce effort for the stakeholders to discover and onboard business model
  • View the complete and accurate business view of lineage for the compliance and regulatory needs


  • Integration Services: We offer application integration services to share the data with all operational applications, cloud-based and/or on-premise applications
  • Data Catalog: Smart Data Discovery, Automate Governance of Data Subject Discovery, Consent, and Protection
  • Advance Reporting Solutions: Integration with reporting tools to support Business decisions

Turning Data into Insight

Great minds don’t always think alike, and we appreciate that. We’re inspired by companies like Informatica that exist to solve the industry’s most pressing challenges. And it’s why we’re partnering and learning from them. With our respective strengths, and our collective passion for problem solving, our partnerships are uncovering new value for the world.

Incept along with Informatica presents a host of services and resources to manage the overall interaction with enterprise information including developer services, training & technical support by providing a unified architecture & products for accessing, integrating, visualizing, and auditing your data.

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